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Top Secrets To Spotting A Professional

Updated: Feb 18

It's all in the flick of the wrist.

Have you ever watched someone form a mug on a potter's wheel, or a chef quickly dice a vegetable or flip risotto in a pan with the flick of a wrist? Those are visual examples of seeing professional development at work. Experience & training are harder to see when professional skills aren't as visually obvious.

Our industry has 5 key metrics to guide measurable results, yet all promotions & partners are not the same. The secret is to a successful promotion includes an experienced hand.

It's true that advertising & marketing with products has a greater impact on consumer behavior than any other medium, but are all promotions crafted the same? No way.

Beyond the data, creating an impression happens because of marketing strategy, creative thinking & knowledge. Sure, applying a logo correctly is a step in the process, but it's just a step. One can have knowledge around graphic design and still not have the depth of expertise, creativity or knowledge found in a seasoned partner. Creating a brand experience has four essential steps. A valuable partnership relies on a partner that consistently invests in professional development, then applies that knowledge. The artistry & knowledge from a team that's been investing in certifications since 2007 is similar to our earlier cooking analogy. The same ingredients in the hand of an award winning chef will yield a different outcome.

If you follow our socials, then you saw some reels from our graphic team at work this month- after-all, it's creativity month. We posted blogs earlier this month directing you to case studies that showcase how our core value play out into promotions for our clients that produce results. Each story of collaboration, also showcases our creative approach to creating brand engagement.

We can't wait to share innovative programs we are offering in 2024. Your February newsletter has the full details.



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