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  • Amplifying Diversity Messaging

    and inclusion. Through promotional products, you can play a significant role in fostering a more inclusive and diverse reminder of the collective effort toward creating an inclusive environment. , serving as tangible reminders of inclusivity, unity, and collaboration. For more products that will enhance a positive message of diversity and inclusion check out our website

  • Generational Diversity Is Powerful

    Every business likes to have its own superpowers - that includes us. collaboration, creativity, certification, and community, our business has one more superpower- generational diversity The article “Why Generational Diversity Is The Ultimate Competitive Edge" caught our attention recently Going forward as our business continues to grow and change, this lesson of generational diversity will This includes recognizing important dates that celebrate our unique and powerful business model.

  • Can Clothing Be Inclusive?

    Gen Z is Diverse According to the Pew Research Center, Generation Z is the most ethnically diverse generation When it comes to fashion and apparel, they expect to see this diversity reflected in their partnerships How can your clothing choices be inclusive?

  • Exploring Ways To Foster Inclusivity

    Many of our partners reach out to use for simple ways to showcase the broad diversity that's reflected Inclusion; to foster an environment of belonging, engagement, equity and empowerment. policies and practices these partnering brands are motivated to create a workforce that reflects the diversity Those values, with partnering companies, then fuel a desire to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive Here's a snap shot of some of our favorites include trends from 2023, still going strong in 2024.

  • Make A Clear Choice!

    The fun colors are perfect for diversity & inclusion themes. Which one is glass?

  • Unbreakable Fun!

    A promotional give away for bars & restaurants A commemorative gift Colorful, blended patterns- for diversity & inclusion Calling brand enthusiasts!

  • What's Behind Current Trends?

    More ways to align your values through product selection: Sustainability Diversity & Inclusion Woman-owned

  • There's Only One You

    Why not celebrate themes of diversity, inclusion, and our unique fiber by incorporating in bags that

  • How To Convert Vision To Imagery

    An initial part of a brand launch includes developing a logo that is the "face" of your business. Do you have core values we can incorporate into product selection such as sustainability, education, diversity & inclusion , woman owned or supporting those that serve in military?

  • Curiosity Feeds Imagination & Produces Creative Power

    Several of my courses were around diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity is more than race, ethnicity, gender, age, and LGBTQ+. My post about the power of generational diversity lead to a series of discussions.

  • Why Become a HUB of Information?

    Historically Underutilized Business which was developed a tool for making introductions & fostering diversity , equity, and inclusion in the marketplace. up to each business to determine if they are going after government contracting, corporate supplier diversity

  • Gitty Up, One Last Ride!

    That is 21 years of working directly with those with diverse needs and their four-legged riding companions years, Horse and Buddy has become a valuable part of the New Hill community serving individuals with diverse needs including Down syndrome, autism, genetic disorders, anxiety, and many other diagnoses. that every staff member, human staff, and horse staff, follow to ensure Horse and Buddy is a safe, inclusive Some of these experiences include their Silver Saddle program, which offers horse riding lessons to the

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