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What's Quirky Enough to Work?

In 2020 we all needed some fun, so we started our quirky enough to work series. A dose of humor or an unexpected twist in routine can generate a smile. Think of quirky this way- when we visit a state fair, we seek out usual food, enjoy rides we can't experience anywhere else and you gotta see the giant pumpkin right?

Quirky gets noticed. Becoming noticed is at the core of why promotional products work.

Here are 10 tips for getting your brand noticed!

More Pickles Please - the pickle ball craze

Non-Fat Potatoes- sustainable products using the potato

Not Your Ordinary Snowflake- a multi purpose tool

Make Time To Play- giant games

Flexibility - deliver the unexpected- even tumblers that can't tip

Let's face it, sometimes your brand just needs to spice things up!

Effective storytelling relies on a page turning plot; we love a plot twist!

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