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  • There's Only One You

    Why not celebrate themes of diversity, inclusion, and our unique fiber by incorporating in bags that

  • How To Convert Vision To Imagery

    An initial part of a brand launch includes developing a logo that is the "face" of your business. Do you have core values we can incorporate into product selection such as sustainability, education, diversity & inclusion , woman owned or supporting those that serve in military?

  • Vibrant Colors; Deeper Meanings

    Inclusive products can celebrate diversity & individuality by their properties, construction or range We've had a number of posts within the blog featuring products like the ones in this image that capture diversity What's your favorite product for themes of diversity and inclusiveness?

  • Making One Of A Kind Connections

    We love how that brand message fits themes of diversity and inclusion.

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

    How are you celebrating diversity & incorporating unity within your organizations?

  • How Do Difficult Roads Lead To Destinations?

    The modern workplace is diverse, so a culture that demonstrates through tone, voice and action that diverse

  • Today Is On Point

    colorful pencils might be used to: Sort attendees at your event by grouping them by barrel color Discuss inclusion , diversity and values at your next HR meeting Remind consumers you offer opportunities for playful, As a bonus feature today, we've included a couple of videos.

  • 5 Pathways To Support

    Responsible Sourcing: Taking responsibility a step further with supply chain transparency, including Ownership Diversity: Brands that are changing the face of traditional business, including women-owned

  • What Makes You Smile?

    That supply chain includes the people who touch the product and make it better. The brand also advocates for diversity and inclusion in the outdoors through annual donations to Black Over the last two years, the brand has donated $2 million to many well-deserving organizations, including Its initiatives include helping disabled young people in Sweden to try out new sports, building a bicycle

  • Count On Women

    have many partners that list a desire to work with HUB status companies, it's unfortunately rare that diversity We've done many bag promotions with this company over the years including Halloween bags, Eco Bags for Inspired to form a relationship with a partner that fulfills your diversity goals?

  • Why Do Labels & Certifications Matter?

    Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, as a way to fund diverse

  • Is Your Brand A Change Maker?

    The pandemic has changed a lot of things – including the way we give gifts. We have a large, diverse selection – over 50 in all.

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